My Christmas Eve Essentials

 It's one week until Christmas Eve and I can't believe how slow yet fast this whole year has gone by. I thought I would share my Christmas Eve day essentials today as it's my favourite day of the year and I always spend it doing some of the same things. I would love to know how you spend your Christmas Eve in the comments. My Christmas Eve Essentials Every Christmas Eve, I like to spend it cosy at home with all of the food and festiveness and thankfully, that isn't changing this year! My first essential is always some sort of Christmas outfit, I have been wearing my 'ugly' Christmas jumper that I got a few years ago from New Look and I am still as obsessed with it as the day I ordered it. I like to do my nails on Christmas Eve so that they look nice for the next day even though they always end up chipped from unwrapping gifts as I have terrible nails. Red is always my go-to Christmas nail colour. I don't actually like the colour red in anything but I do love it on my nails! I have one of the Nails Inc Nail Polish Duos that came with two different reds in that I have been wearing so much since I got it a while ago that I have almost finished both of the polishes. 

Any other adults like to have the 'Track Santa' site open? It's just really interesting to see where 'he is' throughout the evening and with Google you can see how many gifts he has delivered and I always like to keep my family updated on his travels. Christmas movies are also a must, I think this year I will be watching The Santa Clause movies as they are my favourites and I haven't watched them yet this month! And you know me, I will probably watch a Hallmark one as well! 

I love anything with a little festive branding, I have phone cases, drinkwear, stickers and everything you can think of. And I like to use it all on Christmas Eve because if I am going to be extra with anything, it's going to be Christmas. I also can't wait for the food! We do buffet style food and I need some mini pizzas in my life. I will also be playing Animal Crossing New Horizons as it's Toy Day! I'm really excited about the event and if you play AC, let me know and we can be friends and visit each other!

How do you spend your Christmas Eve if you celebrate?



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