Sleep Snug 3D Contoured Blackout Eye Mask Review

Sleep is my favourite thing in the world. As soon as I wake up in the morning I can't wait to get back in bed. However, I get up ridiculously early and I like to sleep in the pitch black which isn't all that easy to achieve when you don't have blackout blinds but this item is one of the best things I have ever found! 
Sleep Snug Eye Mask Review
Sleep Snug 3D Contoured Blackout Eye Mask Review
The Sleep Snug Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask retails for £12 and is available in a bunch of different colours and designs, I have the blue wink print which I think is so cute! I have tried multiple eye masks and I have never found one that I loved but this one is incredible and I already know I am going to be ordering a few more to have on hand in case I can't find mine. 

This sleep mask has been designed to block out any unwanted light to provide you with the best sleep possible to recharge ready for the next day. It has a unique contoured dome design that makes it so much more comfortable to wear when compared to other sleep masks I have tried as it leaves space around the eye area and will also be beneficial for your eyelashes. 

This sleep mask really does provide you with total darkness how matter how bright it is in reality and unlike with most sleep masks, no light breaks through around the edges. I love the shape of this one as I can open my eyes and they don't feel restricted in movement. This product is magical! It's really lightweight and comfortable and as the band that goes around your head is adjustable, it's one size fits all. It is also one of the only sleep masks I have ever used that actually stays on all night and I move a around a tonne in my sleep so that is really impressive! 

I can't recommend this enough if you are looking for a new sleep mask



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