Christmas 2021 Gift Guide For Taylor Swift Fans

If you know me at all, you will know that I am the biggest Taylor Swift fan. In 2019 I did my first Swiftie Gift Guide and I knew I had to do another this year. It's been a fantastic year to be a Taylor fan and there's no better way than to end it with a themed present under the tree. You can check out last year's gift guide hereChristmas 2021 Gift Guide For Taylor Swift FansLet's get the obvious ones out of the way and that is Taylor Swift official merch. If you are in the UK there is a UK store so you don't have to worry about paying stupidly expensive shipping prices and custom charges. There is quite a lot to choose from and if you do have a Taylor Swift fan in your life, get the Taylor Nation notifications turned on in case any signed CDs are on sale! I am so happy to have signed editions of Folklore and RED (Taylor's Version). 

The Solis and Luna Studios shop on Etsy has some amazing Taylor products like the 'Fuck the Patriarchy' Keychain, if you somehow don't know the reference, you need to give All Too Well (10 Minute Version) a listen! They also have some gorgeous stickers, Christmas Tree Farm themed items as well as some stunning Cardigan inspired earrings. 

From Taylor and Lucas on Etsy are so many incredible pieces. Including All Too Well themed scarves and sweatshirts! I have fallen in love with so many of their pieces and I can't wait to order some for myself in the new year. The shop isn't open fully as of writing this post so if you do want to make an order, I would recommend following them on social as I know later this year (as of publishing) they will be re-opening again. 

Gemma Rose Pins is one of my favourite places to look for Taylor items and I have purchased a few as gifts before. They sell keychains, bookmarks, necklaces, and of course, pins. They also have blankets and other exciting items. I love the new Red Acrylic Keychain! 

Outside of Taylor merch and themed items, the @taylorswiftstyled Instagram account shares a tonne of the clothing and accessories worn by Taylor with where they are from and prices etc. This would be an amazing gift idea as who doesn't want to wear the same as Taylor!? 



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