15 Minute At Home Manicure | Elegant Touch Nails

 - This post contains gifted items - 

I have been loving doing my nails for the last couple of months and the nails I am always wearing are Elegant Touch. If you have been wanting to give yourself an at home manicure, Elegant Touch is the brand you need in your life! Elegant Touch NailsElegant Touch NailsElegant Touch Nails

I have been using Elegant Touch products for so many years now I have lost count. I can apply a set of nails from the brand within 15 minutes including prep time which I love as I am quite inpatient. And if I need my nails done even quicker or even in the car, the InstaNails are incredible. These nails are pre-glued so all you have to do is press them on and go! These are damage free for your natural nails which is a bonus. I have two gorgeous nude/pink sets and I have already worn the Bad 'N' Bare InstaNails. These nails are also a great length as I don't love long nails as I am so heavy handed. 

I have been on a real nude nail kick recently and the Luxe Looks Thanks A Latte have been worn already and I loved them! Currently I'm wearing the Next Stop New York nails which are a matte plum in an oval shape and I love them. One of my favourite things about Elegant Touch is the nails are pretty comfortable to wear.

The glue included with Elegant Touch nails is my all time favourite and I rave about it in every post whenever I share nails from the brand. Always make sure to quickly use a nail file over your nails before application and you will be good to go! In each set, you will get 24 nails in 12 sizes as well as the glue. They are also available in different shapes and lengths so you are bound to find a set for you. 



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