Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

 - This post contains a gifted item - 

With it being Valentine's Day tomorrow, I thought I would share a couple of super last minute gift ideas. Everything mentioned is either available through Amazon Prime or you can do same day delivery with Argos which is one of my favourite services as it isn't even expensive and I am very inpatient! Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift IdeasLast Minute Valentine's Day Gift IdeasLast Minute Valentine's Day Gift IdeasThis post is a little tech related and these gift ideas could work for anybody and not just for Valentine's Day. These are all products and brands that I have been using for a while and I highly rate. Besides makeup, I love tech and I always get excited about new launches. If you loved one has a tech item they love, there is bound to be something that can go with it if you are stuck on ideas. 

I am a huge music and podcast listener, there isn't day that goes by when I don't use headphones. Wireless headphones and earbuds are a game changer and ever since I got my first wireless pair I haven't looked back, if you listen to content half as much as I do then they are worth the investment. The Soundcore by Anker Liberty 3 Pro Earbuds are available on Prime so you can get them here tomorrow for evening gift giving! They are available in four different colours, I went for the Frost White and they are gorgeous. The sound quality is amazing and they are very comfortable when in use too. I love the case and how they light up, they are similarly priced to other wireless earbuds and they are a little fancier which I love! 

If your loved one has an iPad then the Apple Pencil is a great product to gift as they aren't something everybody would purchase for themselves if they are a casual iPad user. I do use mine often and they are great if you do a lot of note taking and like to draw digitally. Also cases and keyboards are a fun if you need something a little extra for a gift you already have on hand and there are so many different options on Prime. 

If you don't have one the Amazon Alexa products in your house, I do also recommend them! We have three different versions and we use them every single day. The Show is probably my favourite as I do like to be able to watch the news on it every now and again. Also if your loved one is a big reader, a Kindle or subscription to Kindle Unlimited is a fantastic gift. Kindle Unlimited is one of the best services I pay for and I read almost all of the books I read through the service. 



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