Personalised Gifts For Mother's Day

- This post contains gifted items -  

Mother's Day is coming up at the end of March and if you have a motherly figure in your life, it's time to start thinking about a gift! I love personalised gifts as they are always that little something extra special and I have some great ideas to share that are all available from Boots Photo.Personalised Gifts For Mother's DayBoots PhotoBoots PhotoBoots PhotoBoots PhotoTo pick out these items, I had my mum help with some of the photo choices as everything was for her and I like to include her. But everything and anything from Boots Photo would be a great surprise gift as well. They have a huge range of products you can personalise with photos and I picked out a couple of them to share today. 

The first item we decided on was one of the Canva Prints. They range in price depending on the materials you would prefer and the sizing. Canvas prints can be expensive but I found them to be quite affordable. I went for a 40 x 60 cm size and it is huge! It was £39.99 and the quality is fantastic. We decided on a photo of Chonk, our cat, who is basically the house baby. It's an iPhone photo taken in portrait mode with no editing and it looks brilliant! 

My Mum is the biggest Lewis Hamilton fan (I am a Toto fan incase you were wondering) and she has been wanting a mug with Lewis on for a while. We went for the Large Latte Mug and she picked out some of her favourite Lewis photos and Mum's Mug was born! She loves it and it's the perfect size if you like big cups of coffee. For £14.99 I can't complain. There are different themes to design your mug with too which makes it an easier process. 

The Glass Photo Clock (£23.99) is such a cool gift and you can put any image you want on it. My mum is a huge Emma Bridgewater fan so I found a image of some of the brand's wallpaper and used it for the clock and I love the way it came out! The final item that I think is a great gift idea is the Crystal Photo Heart (£19.99). You can add your favourite photo and it uses a special laser technique to add it to the heart. It also comes in a gift box. 

There are so many different items on Boots Photo and you can even create customised boxes of chocolate and puzzles. The process was really easy to upload the images and get them how you want them, I did it all on my iPad and there is also an app for the process. 



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