Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo Review

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I have never been a lover of dry shampoo. I didn't like the way it would make my hair feel and as I do have very dark brown hair, I always hated the white/grey cast they would leave behind. But I thought it was time to finally try one out again and thought I would go with one of the best ones I had heard of.Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo ReviewLiving Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo Review The Living Proof Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo retails for £20 but it is also available in travel and jumbo sizes. This is a dry shampoo that actually cleans the hair by absorbing oil, sweat and odor while leaving the hair with a touch of texture and a crisp, long-lasting scent. 

You use this product the same way you use any dry shampoo. You hold the canister around 6-10 inches away from dry hair and section off your hair and apply the product in sweeping motions to specific areas. You then leave it for 30 seconds and then massage with a brush or your fingers and shake your hair and you are good to style as desired. If you do have darker hair like I do, I always leave it for longer than the 30 seconds to make sure everything is absorbed by the product (and no cast is left behind) before massaging away and it usually does the trick. If in doubt, give your hair a blast with a hair dryer. 

This is a fantastic dry shampoo and I have finally found one that I like! It actually does clean the hair without leaving my hair feeling weird but with a little added texture and volume. I have been trying to wash my hair less this year and this makes a huge difference at how long I can prolong my hair between actual washes! I used to wash my hair everyday and now I can go at least every other day or even every three days before I have to wash it! I love the scent of this and how it lingers in the hair, it's a brilliant bonus. This dry shampoo really is worth the hype, I love the way it leaves my hair feeling and you don't need to spray tonnes of it into your hair to achieve results which I love. 

As I do wash my hair pretty regularly, I am always blow drying it and a good blow dryer is essential to my hair care routine. The mdlondon BLOW hair dryer is one that has really caught my attention! It's available in two gorgeous colours, blue and green, and is said to be powerful, quiet, and lightweight! These are three key things I am always looking for when shopping for a new hair dryer. It says it weighs just 360g which is insane! It has been tested by professionals to make hair styling easy and enjoyable. There is also a diffuser attachment available.



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