2019 Favourites (Makeup, Books, Music etc)

I can't believe Christmas is over for another year, I am so sad. But today, I am going to share some of my favourite things from 2019. This year may have been rubbish and I have high hopes for 2020 but these things are some of my favourite discoveries. 
2019 Favourites (Makeup, Books, Music etc)
One of my favourite things to come out of 2019 was all of the phenomenal music. We got a Jonas Brothers reunion (I will be seeing them live in February and I can't wait), Lover and so much more. It's no secret that I love Taylor Swift and Lover owns my heart and is one of my top two albums to come out of this year. The other is from Luke Combs. I found him this year via The Morning Toast and I can't stop listening to him. I sing songs about drinking beer very passionately for someone who doesn't drink. 

Reading has been a huge part of my 2019. I read over 200 books which is absolutely insane and I joined bookstagram! Over the last couple of years, I have fallen in love with books I was a reader in my teens but nothing compares to the last two or three years. I have a post up on my favourite books I read this year which you can check out here but one other thing I have loved this Kindle Unlimited (as well as my kindle). KU is the reason why I have read as much as I have as it gives you access to thousands of titles for £7.99 a month but I haven't actually paid that yet as I have been getting special offers or free months all year! 

I have always been a little obsessed with Funko Pops but this year was the year that I started collecting them and now I can't stop. My favourites are the royal family, don't worry I have kept Diana far away from Charles, and my Coca-Cola Bear! I also have a few of the Disney princesses who are adorable. I got quite a few new ones for Christmas too including Elsa! 

Now onto the makeup! This year I haven't actually bought a tonne of makeup as I have been trying to minimise my collection and it has been working really well. But, almost all of the products I bought this year became favourites. I have reviews up all of my favourites so I will share them below! 

What were some of your favourites this year?



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