20 Books I Read in 2019 That I Would Recommend

I read over 200 books in 2019 which is absolutely insane to me because in 2016 I only read 14 books in the whole year. This year I found the type of books that I love to read and it completely transformed my reading. Today I am going to share 20 of the best books I read this year to add to your TBR (to be read) piles and shelves on Goodreads.
20 Books I Read in 2019 That I Would Recommend
1. Becoming by Michelle Obama

This was the first book I read in 2019 and it has still stuck with me. If you like the Obama's you'll love this book and if your library has the BorrowBox app I know that they have it on there. This is a biography which isn't something I read a tonne of anymore unless I really like the person and this was such an enjoyable read. I loved the small stories about The Queen, I love the royal family.

2. Mine by Emily Merril

This is a debut from Emily and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a book about toxic relationships. I love Emily's writing, she also has a YouTube channel and I'm always picking up books on her recommendation. I have a full spoiler-free review on this title which you can check out here

3.  The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren 

This year I fell in love with Christina Lauren's books and this was hands down my favourite, I think I read it twice within a month! This book is hilarious and makes you feel like you took a vacation yourself. I have a full review up on this one here but if you like romcoms, you will love this one! 

4. The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary

I can't stop talking about Tiffy and Leon! This follows Tiffy who needs to find a new place to live when she comes across Leon's ad to rent his flat and do a bedshare and they never meet due to their working hours. I have a full review up on this one here

5. The Simple Wild by K.A Tucker

Books don't make me cry often but this one had me sobbing! I love this book so much and I cannot wait for the sequel in March. This follows Calla who travels to Alaska to visit her dying father and meets Jonah. I don't want to give anything away with this one. 

6. The Lineup by Meghan Quinn

Meghan Quinn has quickly become one of my favourite authors, all of her books are available on Kindle Unlimited. I have read almost all of her books this year but this one is a standout. Meghan is giving me such high standards when it comes to men. This is a baseball rom-com and had be swooning and laughing out loud. 

7. His Royal Highness by R.S Grey

R.S Grey is my favourite author, I have read all but four of her books now as I am saving those last ones for a rainy day. This is a rom-com set in a theme park like Disneyland and it is incredible. I have a full spoiler-free review that you can read here

8. Marriage For One by Ella Maise

I wasn't expecting to love this as much as I do but it's hands down one of the very best books I read this year. This is a marriage of convenience book that is so slow burn but I couldn't put it down. The main characters names are Jack and Rose and that's all you need to know. If you have Kindle Unlimited, download this immediately. 

9. Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge

If you are white, read or listen to this. That's all. 

10. Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters

This is such a fantastic rom-com, you may have guessed from this post that I love a romance. I really hope this gets adapted because it would be such a great Netflix original. This is a rom-com book with the main character doing rom-com things to try and fall in love for her job. 

11. Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

This book actually comes out this month but I had an advanced copy to review via NetGalley. This was so much fun and I loved the twitter element in this book. I talked about this one in more detail in this Recent Reads blog post. 

12. Together at Midnight by Jennifer Castle

This book made me want to be a kinder person. It follows two characters who witness an accident and then go around doing random acts of kindness together afterwards. What I loved about this book was that you got to read from the perspective of the people they did the acts of kindness to. 

13. The Guy on the Right by Kate Stewart

This is a romance set with college-age characters with a friends to lovers storyline. This book really surprised me, I knew I was going to like it but I didn't think I was going to love it as much as I do! I already want to reread this and I didn't finish it that long ago. This is the first book in a series with the second book already out and the third is due to be out in the next couple of months.  

14. American Royals by Katharine McGee

I love anything royal related and this did not disappoint, I have a full review up that you can check out here. The second book is set to be released in September and I cannot wait for it! If you like Crazy Rich Asians and Gossip Girl, this is the kind of book you will like. 

15. The Wrong Side of Kai by Estelle Maskame

I have read all of Estelle's books, the DIMILY series is actually what got me into reading a few years ago. This is her latest book and I actually have an extract of this within my review which you can check out here

16. Fake It Till You Break It by Jenn P. Nguyen 

If you like books like To All the Boys, you'll love this one. This book has a little fake dating with the main characters mum's always suggesting how they would be a great couple so they decide to fake date to get their mum's off their backs but you can probably guess what happens! 

17. Life Will Be the Death of Me by Chelsea Handler

I have been a fan of Chelsea Handler since the Chelsea Lately days and I listened to this on audio which I highly recommend. This book is about Chelsea's life and what she learnt going to therapy and this book impacted me more than I was expecting it to. I also learnt a lot about myself as I was listening to this as well. 

18. Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

I will say, Penelope's books aren't going to be for everyone but this is one of my all-time favourites. This book is an age gap romance and Jordan ends up dating Pike who is her boyfriends Dad. I know how it sounds but it's nothing like you think, just go into it with an open mind. I took ages to get around to reading this book and I regret it as I have already reread it and will reread it again soon.  

19. Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith

This book was so cute and fluffy so if you are in the market for a cute read, check this out! This book takes place mainly on a train with Hugo who needs someone with the same name as his ex-girlfriend so he can still go on his last trip before uni and stuff happens from there. This book had so many elements that I loved about it and the film they make while on the trip was one of my favourite parts. 

20. Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston 

This book has so much hype surrounding it and the hype is REAL. This is more than just a romance as it has a political side plot with so much greatness in it. I have a full review up on this but if you read one book from this post, make it this. Henry and Alex forever! 



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